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The History and Passion

Fonda Don Chon – a Jalisco Mexican restaurant located in West Covina, Los Angeles. The menu served is inspired by Fonda Don Chon’s Estilo Jalisco dishes, typical of Covina. Fonda Don Chon centro historico, Covina menu includes breakfast, buffet menu, Sunday brunch. The restaurant serves the best Mexican buffet from 9 am to 3 pm Monday to Saturday and also a champagne brunch ball on Sunday. The meaning of Fonda Don Chon was born with the desire to bring diners a quality meal.

You will find that similar spices and ingredients vary greatly in this region, and Jalisco has its own culinary customs. Fonda’s food takes your mind and taste buds back in time when grandma was in the kitchen serving up one of those favorites. Without a doubt, Fonda Don Chon’s cooking style embodies all the splendor of Mexican culture.

Breakfast Menu

Wake Up to Deliciousnes

Fonda Don Chon’s Breakfast menu is designed to offer a wide variety of dishes, with an emphasis on Jalisco’s unique flavors and spices. At the restaurant, Fonda Don Chon believes that its style of cooking represents Mexican culture in all its splendor.

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Check The Buffet Hours!

The restaurant is famous for its diverse buffet menu. Especially, on Sundays, the restaurant also organizes Sunday Champagne Brunch, where you can enjoy a full and luxurious brunch with authentic Mexican flavors. Besides, Fonda Don Chon is also known for its traditional cooking from a small town called Coatlancillo, a suburb of Jalisco, Mexico.

The Store Photos

Fonda Don Chon – The restaurant is cozy with soft lights covering the space, creating a warm and comfortable space. Tables and chairs are arranged neatly and luxuriously, bringing comfort to customers. Each dish is beautifully decorated with delicate details, every line on the plate is perfectly arranged. Also take a look at the Fonda Don Chon via fotos.

fonda don chon Delivery Service

Fonda Don Chon, the restaurant, offers a convenient and efficient delivery service to satisfy Fonda Don Chon’s hunger cravings in the comfort of Fonda Don Chon’s own home. With Fonda Don Chon’s partnership with Ubereats, Fonda Don Chon has multiple options to choose from to place Fonda Don Chon’s order and have it delivered right to Fonda Don Chon’s doorstep.

Fonda Don Chon’s team of experienced delivery drivers are committed to providing top-notch service, ensuring that Fonda Don Chon’s order is delivered promptly and with a smile. Fonda Don Chon can trust that Fonda Don Chon’s team takes the necessary precautions to ensure that Fonda Don Chon’s food is handled with care and delivered safely.

Customer Reviews

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Convenient Parking Options

Fonda Don Chon is delighted to provide convenient parking options for its valued customers. Fonda Don Chon understands that finding a suitable parking space can sometimes be challenging, especially in busy urban areas. However, the restaurant is pleased to inform you that it has made arrangements to alleviate this concern.

The Fonda Don Chon restaurant benefits from nearby street parking, ensuring that you can easily find a spot for your vehicle without any hassle. Fonda Don Chon has taken into consideration the importance of accessibility, and Fonda Don Chon strives to make your dining experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Fonda Don Chon’s team has worked diligently to ensure that there are ample parking spaces available within close proximity to the restaurant. You can rest assured that you will be able to park your vehicle conveniently, allowing you to focus on savoring Fonda Don Chon’s delicious cuisine and enjoying the warm ambiance of the restaurant.

In addition to the nearby street parking, Fonda Don Chon also has friendly staff members who are more than willing to assist you with any parking-related queries you may have. The restaurant will provide guidance and helpful suggestions to ensure that you find the most suitable parking space for your visit.

Fonda Don Chon genuinely values your patronage, and Fonda Don Chon is committed to providing a seamless dining experience from the moment you arrive. With Fonda Don Chon’s convenient nearby street parking and dedicated staff, Fonda Don Chon aims to make your visit to the restaurant a truly enjoyable one.

Enjoy Freshly Made Mexican Food

Order your favorite Mexican food online through Uber Eats and experience the authentic taste of the restaurant! Browse the restaurant’s menu and place your order today to enjoy delicious tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and more. Fonda Don Chon’s freshly made dishes are sure to satisfy your cravings and leave you wanting more. Don’t wait, order now and enjoy the convenience of online ordering with Fonda Don Chon.


Convenient Payment Options

Fonda Don Chon, the restaurant’s esteemed establishment, offers a wide range of payment options to ensure a seamless dining experience for Fonda’s valued customers. Fonda Don Chon is pleased to inform you that Fonda Don Chon accept credit cards as a convenient method of payment.

By accepting credit cards, Fonda Don Chon aims to provide flexibility and convenience to its patrons, allowing Fonda Don Chon to enjoy the restaurant’s delectable cuisine without the hassle of carrying cash. Whether you prefer to pay with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or any other major credit card, you can rest assured that Fonda Don Chon’s payment will be processed securely and efficiently.

Fonda Don Chon’s commitment to customer satisfaction extends to the restaurant’s payment process as well. Fonda Don Chon has implemented robust security measures to safeguard Fonda’s personal and financial information, ensuring that Fonda’s transactions are protected from unauthorized access.

The restaurant understands the importance of providing a seamless and hassle-free dining experience, from the moment you step through its doors until the time you settle your bill. Fonda’s acceptance of credit cards is just one way it strives to exceed your expectations and make your visit with Fonda’s a memorable one.

Directions to the Location!

618 Shoppers Ln, Covina, CA 91723